6 Ways To Earn Money

September 2, 2009, Posted by jmelero at 7:49 am

1. Direct Selling

Dealers and retailers buy and sell load and earn 10% to 12% of total sales.

Assuming you buy load for Php 1,000. By the time you have sold the entire load, you would have made Php 1,100 with a 10% profit of 100 pesos for that day.


You sell Php 1,000 load per day 1,000 x 30 days = Php 30,000 x 10% = Php 3,000/month


2. Retailer Affiliate Program

Retailers can also refer other people (sub retailer) to the business. And for each referral, the retailer earns Php 50.


Retailer registers 10 x Php 50 = Php 500


3. Register Retailers (Dealers Only)


For Fast Track:

Sell all 20 Retailer activation cards that come with your dealership kit for Php 250 each. Here, you will earn Php 5,000. You will have earned your investment back plus a Php 1,000 profit.


20 Retailer Cards x Php 250 = Php 5,000

Php 5,000 – Php 3,988 cost of dealership kit = Php 1,012 profit.


For 3D Fast Track:

This is the best way to make money, 3X faster.

You will receive 80 retailer activation cards.


80 x  Php 250 = Php 20,000

Php 20,000 – Php 12,000 cost of 3D Fast Track = Php 8,000 profit.


4. Franchise Retailer Override (Dealers Only)

As a dealer, you earn a lifetime retailer override of 1% to 2% from retailers under you.


20 retailers x Php 1,000 sold per day = Php 20,000/per day

Php 20,000 x 30 days = Php 600,000/month

Php 600,000 x 1% override = Php 6,000/month

Or Php 600,000 x 2% override = Php 12,000/month


5. Franchise Partnership Program (Dealers Only)

For every new dealer you register, you get a Php 500 direct referral.


5 x Php 500 = Php 2,500


6.  Division of Sales Force (Dealers Only)

You sales force is divided into 2 teams – STA and STB. For every “pair” of dealers you bring into your dealership, you will earn an additional Php 500 bonus.

As you can see above, dealers make more money than retailers.

But, if you really want your business to move 3X faster, purchase your 3D Fast Track now!

Simply put, your cellphone loading business has the power to set you free, increase your income to record levels and gives you all the things you truly deserve! What are you waiting for?


O sige, ano pang hinihintay mo.
Makabago. Mas Matipid. Mabilis.
The way you want it. Full load all the time!
Get fully loaded now!




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