Replenish Loadwallet with SMART MONEY

October 24, 2009, Posted by jmelero at 5:31 am


SMART MONEY No. 5299-6700-3841-8116.

  1. Go directly to “SMART MONEY” then select “SMART MONEY”.
  2. Select “Transfer” then “Others”.
  3. Enter VMobile SMART MONEY Card No. 5299-6700-3841-8116.
  4. “Transfer FRM” will appear and then press OK.
  5. Select the account you enrolled, and then enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  6. Enter your w-pin. A confirmation message will appear.


And don’t forget, send the reload text message to your gateway number. Make sure you double check your entries for accuracy.


LX RELOAD <ID #>/<PIK>/<Amount Transferred>/<Your SMART MONEY Card Number>/<Date>/<Time


Wait a few minutes and your loadwallet will be loaded.

Ok, ngayon puede ka nang mag load sa mga customers mo.

Remember, get fully loaded before the weekend para ready ka mag service sa mga load users. I highly recommend na mag replenish ka sa loadwallet mo sa Thursday para sigurado meron ka ng load for the weekend.



Happy Loading!

Makabago. Mas Matipid. Mabilis.

The Way You Want It. Full Load All The Time!

Get Fully Loaded Now!



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