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October 25, 2009, Posted by jmelero at 5:51 am

The product list is updated all the time. You can access the list by clicking the link below.


Products with Product Code and Description


Dito mo makikita ang mga product code na kailangan gamitin when you are selling load. Also, makikita mo rin ang Suggested Retail Price (SRP) and the Wholesale Price (WSP) for each item.

Ano ang SRP?

Ang Suggested Retail Price ang price na charge mo sa customers mo.

Ano ang WSP?

Ang Wholesale Price is the price that will be deducted from your loadwallet.


G100X = Globe Autoloadmax 100

SRP is Php 100
WSP is Php 89

Php 100 – 89 = Php 11

The Php 11 is your 11% profit from this sale.



Ang profit mo is between 10 – 14% it depends sa product na naibebenta mo.

Also, suggested retail price are subject to change without prior notice.




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