Wanna Make Php 1,000 Fast?

October 25, 2009, Posted by jmelero at 8:17 am
Make Your First Php 1,000 Fast!

When you get your Fast-Track dealership kit, you will receive 20 Retailer activation cards.
Sell all 20 Retailer activation cards that come with your dealership kit for Php 250 each.
Here, you will make Php 5,000. You will have earned your initial investment back plus a Php 1,000 profit. Not bad!
20 Retailer Cards x Php 250 = Php 5,000
Php 5,000 – Php 3,988 cost of dealership = Php 1,012 profit
This is just the beginning. When you refer others to the business, you will be eligible to start earning Frachise Retailer Overrides, Franchise Partnership Overrides, and Division of Sales Force. To learn more about how you qualify, go to Ways To Earn Money!
Buy Your Fast-Track Kit for ONLY Php 3,988!
Be Part of our Team!
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