Make a deposit, send SMS command to your gateway

September 17, 2009, Posted by jmelero at 5:56 am

Don’t forget after you make a deposit to replenish your loadwallet, you must send the text command below to your assigned gateway.

LX RELOAD <ID Number>/<PIK>/<Amount Deposited>/<Bank>/<Branch Code>/<Account Number>/<Date>/<Time>

For Example:
LX RELOAD 54012345678/112233/ 2500/MBTC/614/007-261-50338-3/05-07-2008/11:30:12 
LX RELOAD keyword/command is for LX LoadWallet replenishment thru bank deposits only.
Please use the branch code instead of just the branch.
Please wait 15 to 30 minutes (max) for your payment verification and your loadwallet will be reloaded.

You should receive a system reply confirming your load.


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